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This blog is manage by me alone without any help. So, its kinda lacking in a lot of aspect. I just want to say sorry for that. I sub the episode of this show whenever I have free time on my hand and it does take a lot of time to finish an episode. This is because there were a lot of dialog and fast talking. Hope you guys like my sub because its my first time in blogging and subbing. There is no doubt about the quality of the video but the quality of the subs is all depend on me. So, if you guys do enjoy my sub just take some time to leave me your comment. Its feel good to be appreciated.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh! My School(100 Points Out Of 100) - Episode 6[2011.01.01] HD English Subs

This is a great episode where they all go for MT. It was really fun and there was 2 new members which is Minah from Girl's Day and Soyul who cast of Jungle Fish 2. Minah is so cute and funny. Really glad that she came. Eunseo and Minho have no intention at all to search for Minah. This is the first time seeing him ignoring the mission. He is always competitive and wanted to win. Maybe he has fallen for Eunseo. This is a great episode because it is not really tiring when I'm subbing the episode. Maybe I really like this episode. Hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I did. Gonna do my best to sub it.

English Sub Source : Pikeyenny's Blog
Source : 스쿨 버라이어티 백점만점 E06 110101 HDTV H264 720p-HanSun
Video : 1280 x 720
Size : 1.83 GB
Cast : Park Myungsoo, Park Kyunglim, Tony[H.O.T.], Simon D[Supreme Team], Minho[Shinee], Seokhun[SG Wannabe], Taeseong[Actor], Hongki[FT Island], Eunhyuk[Super Junior], Jaekyung[Rainbow], Son Eunseo[Actress], Min[Miss A], Juri[Miss Korea], Minah[Girl's Day] and Shin Soyul[Actress]

Since my mediafire account was locked. I think I should re-upload all the episode again. But I don't really know which file storage to choose. So please bare with it for a while. I will do my best to finish uploading all the files and finish the sub of this show.

Now I've decided to use Mega. So please enjoy!!!


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  1. Keep up the good work. I for one am enjoying this show

  2. can u tell me, where u find HD raw of this 100 point out of 100?

  3. i use using Korean like from my is easier that way....

  4. I love it when they're visiting FT. Island's dorm. XD So funny when Eunhyuk is comparing their leggings with SHINee's skinny jeans. XD
    Looking forward for your subs. :D

  5. haha.....i like that part too......Eunhyuk really know how to be funny.....i like the part when he found a comic book and keep it in his shirt....

  6. hi~ if i understand correctly you're copying pikeyenny's subs and making softsubs/hq hardsubs out of them, yes? if you don't mind i can help copying the subs so all you need to do in the end is do the actual subbing. if you're okay with it pls email me at or (better to both just in case xD) so we can hash out the details~ :D

  7. they gonna cancel the show.. :(

  8. so sad.....its a good show.....but the rating is low....i wish i have kbs on my tv to increase the rating

  9. Hey how are you subbing this? Are you using aegisub? It's actually easier to sub when copying with aegisub, you know?

  10. really.....i just retype the sub in notepad......if that so i'm gonna try to look for this aegisub.....

  11. yeah, after you have aegisub, load the video on aegisub.

    Then under the video there will be a slider, click on it to select it.

    Then use your arrow keys to move the slider til u see the start of a subtitle.

    Click the button that has the red arrow in the pic to set it as the start of a subtitle.

    Then scroll to the end of the subtitle then click the button with the yellow arrow to set it when a sub finish.

    Then type in the subtitle into the box on the right. Then click commit or hit enter.

    Then it'll automatically create a new line for another subtitle.

    find teh start of the next subtitle and repeat.

    I know it's hard to understand it thru text but once u start doing it u will understand.

    I was gonna do what you are doing, copy subs to watch in HD but I don't have time.

    I appreciate what you are doing. Keep up the awesome work.

    picture -

  12. owh....
    I kinda misunderstood you there....
    I sub the video using subtitle workshop......
    But i copy the sub from the tv-rip video in notepad first.....
    I find it easier that way......
    Is this aegisub sofware heavy??
    I only use a laptop and I don't think it can handle heavy sofware.....
    It kind of slow or delayed when I'm using subtitle workshop......
    But it still manage.....

  13. No it's not heavy. It's only heavy when you load a 720p+ video. If I have time I will make a video for you and explain it. lol

  14. thanks a lot for rewriting+encoding this show again, now i can watch a better quality from this show
    keep up your good work

  15. Thank you for your hard work~~ <3
    hwaiting! :D

  16. awesome job man, loving the hd quality, thanks for this

  17. thank's for doing this! hard to find such great quality with such thorough subbing! :D just a heads up, when i open the 10th file of mediafire for this one, it says invalid or deleted file :x