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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Oh! My School(100 Points Out Of 100) - Episode 7[2011.01.08] HD English Subs

This episode is a continuation from the previous episode. This is where the winner of 'finding your friend' game will be revealed. The winner is team Simon D. Poor Hongki. He feel like betrayed by his group. In my point of view it was Minho and Eunseo fault for not searching Minah seriously. Sorry to the Minho's and Eunseo's fan. I think Minho is feeling guilty as well from the look on his face when Simon D team found Taeseong. Anyway they'll get over it eventually. The most exciting thing in this episode is that we can actually see their bare face in this episode. So, look forward for it.

English Sub Source : Pikeyenny's Blog
Source : 스쿨 버라이어티 백점만점 E07 110108 HDTV H264 720p-HanSun
Video : 1280 x 720
Size : 1.45 GB
Cast : Park Myungsoo, Park Kyunglim, Tony[H.O.T.], Simon D[Supreme Team], Minho[Shinee], Seokhun[SG Wannabe], Taeseong[Actor], Hongki[FT Island], Eunhyuk[Super Junior], Jaekyung[Rainbow], Son Eunseo[Actress], Min[Miss A], Juri[Miss Korea], Minah[Girl's Day] and Shin Soyul[Actress]

Since my mediafire account was locked. I think I should re-upload all the episode again. But I don't really know which file storage to choose. So please bare with it for a while. I will do my best to finish uploading all the files and finish the sub of this show.

Now I've decided to use Mega. So please enjoy!!!


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  1. I was a bit disappointed when team Simon D won. XD I was hoping for Hongki's team to win...well, it was funny anyways. ^^
    Thank you!

    I don't know if being mad will solve the problem but maybe you could tell them to credit you or leave a comment next time they want to take something.

  2. Kinda disappointed that they take it......I just don't want to be a bad person here, so maybe I just gonna let it go.....

    Hongki team should have search carefully......they actually passed Minah at 1 point.....

  3. Yeh, I was so sure that they would win! I felt bad that Minho didn't search as well but he was the reason why I wanted their team to win. XD I guess it was scripted. He is usually extremely competitive. Well, nearly everything is always scripted. OTL Maybe they just wanted to make scandals so they can get more viewers. OTL

    If you don't want it to happen again you have to tell it to them in some way though...

  4. I know....I was Minho fan in lets go dream team.....So I thought that their team will win too....I think you're right....I think they create scandals to attract viewer....

  5. I don't know how and why but a few comment just disappear after the blogspot's downtime....

  6. Wow! I just recently discovered this blog... And it's really nice! Your patience is relly good since you are resubbing all over again... I understand that is really hard to encode it all by yourself.
    But I really apreciate the fact that I can watch it in HD

  7. I think you should not offer softsubs anymore. That's probably how they are taking your subs.

  8. maybe you're right....i offer softsub because some of them have raw vid and slow internet....maybe i should stop giving it.....

  9. NO PLz offer soft sub i have all vid for this show

  10. definitly be mad!! you worked hard on the subs and someone else is taking credit! btw.. found this blog through kpopella

    next time threaten to not sub again if they dont respect u and give credit

  11. they could've give me credit if they want to use the sub.....isn't it an appropriate thing to do.....maybe my fault for not state 'give credit if u take the sub' in my post.....

  12. Hey paralyze do u have an email? I need to email you something.

  13. my email is

  14. Thank you for subbing! ^^ Can you provide a mediafire link of the softsub? If you can't that's fine. Thank you!! (:

  15. just add the mf link....hope you enjoy the show....

  16. also the 4th mediafire hardsub link isn't working as well on this one :x invalid/deleted file. thanks for your hard work!