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Monday, May 23, 2011

Oh! My School(100 Points Out Of 100) - Episode 8[2011.01.15] HD English Subs

This episode kind of special. It is because they invite the 1st generation idol. Idol get to know their sunbae better and get some advice from them. The idol guest also kind of change. There are Yoseob and Soyeon who take Eunseo's place. I'm gonna miss her. They will choose partner to play games. That process involve lot of funny things. You have to watch it yourself to get it.

English Sub Source : Pikeyenny's Blog

Source : 
스쿨 버라이어티 백점만점 E08 110115 HDTV H264 720p-HanSun

Video : 
1280 x 720

Size : 
1.32 GB

Cast : 
Park Myungsoo, Park Kyunglim, Simon D[Supreme Team], Minho[Shinee], Seokhun[SG Wannabe], Kyungjin[Gagman], Hongki[FT Island], Yoseob[Beast], Jaekyung[Rainbow], Soyeon[T-ara], Min[Miss A] and Juri[Miss Korea].

Special Guest : 
Tony[H.O.T.], Eun Jiwon[Sechs Kies], Kim Taewoo[G.O.D.], Kan Miyeon[Baby V.O.X.] and Kim Dongwan[Shinhwa].

Since my mediafire account was locked. I think I should re-upload all the episode again. But I don't really know which file storage to choose. So please bare with it for a while. I will do my best to finish uploading all the files and finish the sub of this show.

Now I've decided to use Mega. So please enjoy!!!

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  1. Love the episodes with the first generation idols! Laughed so much when they had to make Jiwon laugh! I seriously didn't understand why he didn't laugh. I thought every single on of them were funny. XD (Soyeon was lacking a bit though, haha.)

  2. i think he want to laugh so badly but hold it in......he laugh at min maybe because he didn't expect her to dance like that....

  3. I've got to say... If there is a project that I'm really excited with it is yours! OMS is my favorite show and watching it in HD is the best!!! My skills with subtitles is so bad that I can't even sub a 5 min trailer XP
    Thank you for your hard work

  4. you will manage if you practice more....i'm not that good skills is just okay.....thats why i'm taking so much time with just one episode....keke

  5. yeay! yoseob episode.. thank you for your hard work

  6. thanks a lot for keep rewriting the sub
    every moment i saw the 1st idol come together on VS, they always brought lot of laugh
    by the way, i can't download from megaupload for part 2
    thanks before

  7. I've tried it and it said temporary unavailable.....maybe you should wait for a while.....MU kind of down at this time.....i'm downloading with MU now and the speed is low.....

  8. ok
    thanks for your concern and kind answer
    than i'm just waiting until MU is health again

  9. your welcome....i'm hoping MU is better too.....the speed is only 5kb/ takes forever for me if that continue

  10. best blog for oh my school, keep up the good work! how often do you upload each episode?

  11. so glad i found this blog... i appreciate the effort.
    but can you please reupload the softsubs in mediafire? megaupload isn't working anymore...
    if only i found this site earlier...

  12. thanks a lot but whe did you find the soft subs? need the last one...

  13. Thank you very much for sharing this!! When you have time please reupload part2 in Mediafire because it was deleted :( and the sub too. Sorry my bad english ^^ I can understand the reading but I'm not good making my own sentences XD

  14. Hi
    thanks so much :) :)
    couldn't find this anywhere else!! :)
    could you please re-upload pt. 2 of Ep 08?
    it's the last episode I need...
    I'd really appreciate it!
    thanks :)