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This blog is manage by me alone without any help. So, its kinda lacking in a lot of aspect. I just want to say sorry for that. I sub the episode of this show whenever I have free time on my hand and it does take a lot of time to finish an episode. This is because there were a lot of dialog and fast talking. Hope you guys like my sub because its my first time in blogging and subbing. There is no doubt about the quality of the video but the quality of the subs is all depend on me. So, if you guys do enjoy my sub just take some time to leave me your comment. Its feel good to be appreciated.


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh! My School(100 Points Out Of 100) - Episode 9[2011.01.22] HD English Subs

This episode is the second part of senior junior meeting. Second part of their talk kind of great because we can see the senior give some advice to the junior. Then they play a few game which is the continue from the couple game from the previous episode. Gonna start subbing now. Wish me luck.

English Sub Source : Pikeyenny's Blog

Source : 
스쿨 버라이어티 백점만점 E09 110122 HDTV H264 720p-HanSun

Video : 
1280 x 720

Size : 
1.20 GB

Cast : 
Park Myungsoo, Park Kyunglim, Simon D[Supreme Team], Minho[Shinee], Seokhun[SG Wannabe], Kyungjin[Gagman], Hongki[FT Island], Yoseob[Beast], Jaekyung[Rainbow], Soyeon[T-ara], Min[Miss A] and Juri[Miss Korea].

Special Guest : 
Tony[H.O.T.], Eun Jiwon[Sechs Kies], Kim Taewoo[G.O.D.], Kan Miyeon[Baby V.O.X.] and Kim Dongwan[Shinhwa].

Since my mediafire account was locked. I think I should re-upload all the episode again. But I don't really know which file storage to choose. So please bare with it for a while. I will do my best to finish uploading all the files and finish the sub of this show.

Now I've decided to use Mega. So please enjoy!!!

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  1. I felt like I was watching Dream Team in this episode. XD Luckily the team I was rooting for won. :D Poor outsiders though. But I'm happy they got filmed once in a while anyways. XD

  2. you're right.....the outsider was filmed if they say something funny or have a great reaction.....

  3. I just want to say thank you for getting an HD version of this show

    I was disappointed by the quality versions of this show out there.

    But now I have hope!

    I just want to give you a bit encouragement (:

    Going to download all of these! Thanks alot!

  4. you're welcome....i'm really glad you enjoyed it....

  5. Congratulations! thanks for the effort... continues so!

  6. Thanks so much for continuing to do this in your free time. It means a lot to us! :)

  7. your support means a lot to me too....thanks

  8. Don't worry! Most people here already saw this episode but is just waiting for a better quality... take your time and Keep up the good work!!!!

  9. ^
    What this guy said.
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  10. the quality is amazing! keep up the good work too :) just wondering but any update on newer episodes?

  11. i'm really sorry.....i have a few problem at this moment....i'll try subbing the show when i have the time....hope u can wait....

  12. I think we all can wait. :) It's just nice to see that you're still there. :D

  13. First of all, I would like to say great job on your hard work. (: Really!
    Subbing is a very time consuming job.
    I appreciate all subbers out there.

    You said that you manage this blog alone,
    so I'm assuming that you make the subs alone.
    I would like to help you in creating the subs.
    I'm experienced in making subs and absolutely love this show. It would be great if fans of this show were able to get the episodes out faster.
    If you're interested in my help please send me an email @:

  14. YAY, 100 %! Can't wait to download. :D
    Thank you!

  15. The "Ends" justify the "Means"! Wich "Means" that it doesn't matter how long it takes! If you take your time we eventually will be all happy!!!!

  16. I'm having trouble watching with this subbed, because the .ass file doesn't work for me. Are you able to upload a .srt file? That would be very much appreciated x)

  17. @Angiieewaa

    i'm really sorry....i'm using new software in subbing and it only saved in .ass.....hope you can understand.....

  18. AH!!! what is wrong??? I came here and epi 10 and 11 are gone!!! Is everything ok???
    Anyway! Himnaeyo~~~~!

  19. haha..... don't worry.....i'm uploading'll be finish in a few minutes.....